Personal Certification

In cooperation with SAQ (the Swiss Association for Quality), the Swiss Bankers Association has introduced a new quality standard in the banking sector. As a competent partner in this domain, Safe Hands can assist you with training your client advisors and asset managers.

SAQ Certification

What is the benefit of this certificate?

The professional field of client advisors/bankers is characterised by constant changes in the financial markets. This is very demanding for client advisors who already have a high level of professional competence.


This personal certification demonstrates that you have this competence as well as the related necessary soft skills. This unique proof of your qualifications not only reveals your professional skills but also your social skills and personal qualities in the area of banking. This certificate is state-accredited and internationally valid according to ISO Standard 17024.


With this certificate, you, as a client advisor, can prove your understanding of the client and his or her needs. You will also be able to generate and present customer-oriented solutions from the wide range of products and to demonstrate their benefits.

Who issues this certificate?

The Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ) has been active throughout Switzerland for more than 50 years and, therefore, has many years of experience in the field of accreditation and certification. SAQ is an association with around 1600 members, 80% of whom are corporate members. The working areas are divided into 11 sections and 2 specialist groups. This enables SAQ to react quickly and in the best possible way to changing needs in the regions. SAQ is located in Bern. 

Validity of the certificate

The certificate is valid for three years and must be renewed through recertification measures. 




SAQ Recertification

The following rules apply to the recertification measures:

  • The candidate must be in a position that applies to the certification.
  • The candidate must have engaged in 24 hours of "further training" from an SAQ-accredited course offering over a three-year period.

"Further training" shall mean:

  • Course offering: Safe Hands 3 x 8 hours
  • Lunch & Learn 4 x 2 hours within one year
  • 6 hours of expert workshops  + 3 exam days as an expert (3 x 8 hrs)
  • A mix of the three measures above
  • Or take a written exam (provided by our partner Fitch Learning)