Overview of trainings

Date Training Type Language Link
 18.01.2022 Referrals 


Book Here

18.01.2022 Story Telling French Book Here 
19.01.2022 Credit Solutions English Book Here 
19.01.2022 Negotiation - Harvard Model German

Book Here

19.01.2022 Questioning Techniques German Book Here 
24.01.2022 Mortgages English Book Here 
24.01.2022 Wealth Planning (Inheritance) English Book Here 
01.02.2022 & 02.02.2022 Portfolio Management German Book Here 
14.02.2022 Active Listening  English Book Here 
14.02.2022 Managing Objections English Book Here 
16.02.2022 & 17.02.2022 Portfolio Management English Book Here 
16.02.2022 Managing Objections  German Book Here 
16.02.2022 Value Proposition English Book Here 
18.02.2022 Negotiation - Harvard Model English Book Here 
18.02.2022 Questioning Techniques  French Book Here 
23.02.2022 Managing Objection French Book Here 
23.02.2022 Value Proposition English Book Here
02.03.2022 Derivatives French Book Here 
02.03.2022 Structured Products French Book Here 
04.03.2022 The best calls are... French Book Here 
04.03.2022 The best calls are... German Book Here 
04.03.2022 Wealth Planning (Pension) French Book Here 
07.03.2022 Behavioural Finance  French Book Here
07.03.2022 Wealth Planning (Inheritance) French Book Here 
14.03.2022 Derivatives German Book Here 
18.03.2022 Active Listening French Book Here 
18.03.2022 Negotiation French Book Here 
28.03.2022 Behavioural Finance German Book Here 
30.03.2022 Derivatives  English Book Here 
06.04.2022 Credit Solutions German Book Here 
07.04.2022 Questioning Techniques English Book Here 
07.04.2022 Story Telling English Book Here 
07.04.2022 Value Proposition French Book Here 
12.04.2022 Credit Solutions French Book Here 
26.04.2022 Behavioural Finance English Book Here
26.04.2022 Wealth Planning (Pension) English Book Here 
05.05.2022 Referrals  English Book Here 
05.05.2022 Story Telling German Book Here 
05.05.2022 The best calls are... English Book Here 
11.05.2022 Structured Products English Book Here 
12.05.2022 Mortgages German Book Here 
12.05.2022 Wealth Planning (Pension) German Book Here 
18.05.2022 Active Listening  German Book Here 
18.05.2022 Referrals French Book Here 
25.05.2022 Portfolio Management French Book Here 
30.05.2022 Mortgages French Book Here 
30.05.2022 Story Telling English Book Here 
27.06.2022 Behavioural Finance French Book Here 
27.06.2022 Wealth Planning (Inheritance) French Book Here